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The Roadshow Ab - Initio Pilot Admission

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The Roadshow Ab - Initio Pilot Admission Day 202 is successfully organized by Vietjet Aviation Academy (VJAA) in collaboration with two esteemed strategic partners in the the field of pilot training, RMIT University (Australia) and Hillsboro Flight Training School Aero Academy (USA).
The event welcomed a large number of students and parents from Vietnam, Korea, India, and Thailand who shared the dream of conquering the sky and an interest in the training program of the new age airline - Vietjet Air.

Pornskul Dulya (25 years old), from Bangkok, Thailand, shared: “Since I was a child, I have dreamed of becoming a pilot where i can fly high in the sky. That's why I flewVietnam to attend the event, I want to hear the stories of people working in the profession directly, observe the training environment firsthand, and prepare for the upcoming trial program”.

Bringing his daughter along, Mr. Nguyen Trong Quy (HCMC) said: "Besides high income, stable job, clear development path, pilot is also a profession that brings many experiences. precious and unique for young people. Especially, after the epidemic is under control, the market is open, the pilot profession is even more attractive. That's why I encourage my daughter to challenge her career as a pilot”.

Luong Anh Quan, captain at Vietjet, who has nearly 20 years of experience in the profession with more than 14,000 accumulated flight hours, said: “Pilot is a profession that shows very well the personality of a disciplined and easy person. Adaptable, calm, decisive, strong, sociable and able to work under intense pressure.
With a long training process, rigorous training and high expertise in operations, pilots are the ones who always have to learn and self-study to maintain their rating and improve themselves along with the development of the aviation industry. are not. So I really appreciate the work I'm doing. For a young person entering the profession, this is a highly appreciated and desirable job”.

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