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Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Training Programs/ Technical & Maintenance Aircraft Training Program


To ensure that the training of the Basic Aircraft Maintenance/A320 Family Type Rating Training Courses - Level A/B1/B2 is approved by CAAV and followed by EASA/Airbus standards, Technical & Aircraft Maintenance Training Department enhances the quality training to current aviation global standard.

  • The trainee's aircraft technical knowledge & skills are developed sufficiently
  • The practical learning method benefits the actual work-related experience significantly

Through the training program for Basic Aircraft Maintenance and Type Rating Training, Technical & Aircraft Maintenance Training Faculty implements the standard procedures into training knowledge & manual skills of aircraft maintenance as well as applying maintenance tasks and becoming familiar with aircraft technical documentation.


  • A320/A321(CFM56) CAT A, B1, B2, B1+B2
  • Upgrade CAT A to CAT B1, B2, B1+B2 Training Program

A320/A321 Family difference from/to A320/A321 (CFM56/PW1100G) CAT A, B1, B2, B1+B2 Training Program.

  • EWIS/RVSM/PBN, CAT II-III, Fuel Tank Safety
  • Material Incoming Inspection - ESDS- ATA 300
  • GSE Maintenance
  • Human Factor
  • English for Aircraft
  • Aviation Law & Regulations
  • Ground Handling & Service Procedures
  • Certificate Release to Service for Flight Crew

Technical/Non-Technical/Support Staffs

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