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VJAA's Photo Contest 2022

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Contestants capture and submit submit charming and meaningful moments during training activities at Vietjet Aviation Academy on photos which illustrate alongside caption to describe the meaning of each photo. Those pictures will be posted on the VJAA Fanpage..

  1. Contestants:

Vietjet JSC, employees, VJAA present and former trainees .

  1. Contest participation period:

From 20/10 to 31/12/2022.

  1. How to join the contest:

Step 1: Access the following link or inbox the fanpage to submit the photos.

Step 2: Contestants’ photo will be edited and posted on Vietjet Aviation Academy fanpage.

  1. How to grade the contestant photo:

Grading Criteria for final prize


Maximum points

Creativity and impressiveness

20 points

Brightness, colors

20 points

Photo layout

20 points

Content, meaning of photo

40 points


100 points


  1. Contestants’ photo:
  • Photos are not offensive to Vietnamese customs and etiquette.
  • The content of photos must be related to training activites in Vietjet Aviation Academy..
  • Photo size must be in its good quality (from 1.5 MB above).
  • The photos are not the subject of any copy right or trademark dispute. They do not go against any moral rights, privacy rights and intellectual property rights of other people. Organizers have full authorities to check contestants’ original photos if it is needed.
  • The photos have not been submitted for any contest before.
  • The photos can be color-modified or brightness-modified, however, not collaged or not including any advertisement text.


  1. PRIZES:
  • Grading will be made by the judge and the final prize winners will be nominated in the VJAA year-end party.
    • 01 first prize: 5 million VND and certificate of merit.
    • 02 second prizes: 02 million VND for each and certificate of merit.
    • 03 third prizes: 01 million VND for each and certificate of merit.

  1. Contest rules and regulations:
    • Photo contestants are responsible for the copy rights of the photos.
    • If there is any evidence that the photos have been submitted for any contest and won any prize, the organizers revoke or withdraw any decision with those photos.
    • Those photos which do not meet the requirements will not be posted on the fanpage.
    • The organizers are not responsible for any copy rights dispute..
    • The organizers are allowed to make use of those photos for mass media purpose for Vietjet Aviation Academy and the company.
    • The organizers are those who make the final decision on the prizes.
    • Members of the organizers and the judges are not allowed to join the contest..
    • Any inquiry can be sent to the mailbox of the fanpage..

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