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Airport Ground Operations Staff

Training Programs/ Ground Operations Personnel Training Program


Besides aviation knowledge base, trainees are provided professional skills and customer-focused mindset, which enables them to become successful airport ground personnel. Ground Operations Training Faculty delivers training courses for airport ground personnel such as:
  • Ground Operations Personnel
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Operations Personnel
Provides trainees with a professional knowledge and working skills to effectively perform ground operations tasks in compliance with the standard procedures. Subsequently, utmost safety in operations is always ensured.


  • Departure flight services supervision skills
  • Arrival flight services supervision skills
  • Ramp services supervision skills
  • Passenger service skills – Arrival
  • Passenger service skills - Departure
  • Passenger service skills - Domestic Check-in
  • Passenger service skills - International Check-in
  • Passenger Service Skills - Mishandled Baggage
  • Load control skills
  • Aircraft loading skills
  • Cargo acceptance & ramp transportation skills
  • Aircraft cabin cleaner skills
  • Aircraft loading supervision skills
  • Ground handling coordination skills
  • Headset communication skills
  • Baggage handling skills
  • In-flight services skills
  • ULD operations & management skills
  • General knowledge of ground support equipment
  • Conveyor belt loader operation
  • Vehicles operation
  • Airport passenger bus operation
  • Potable water vehicle operation
  • Ramp equipment tractor operation
  • Aircraft nose gear towbar tractor operation
  • Vehicles for passengers with disabilities operation
  • Telescopic passenger stairs operation
  • Lavatory service vehicle operation
  • Pick-up truck towing trailer operation
  • Ground power unit operation
  • Air start unit operation
  • Air conditioning unit operation
  • Container/ Pallet loader operation

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