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Becoming a pilot is within reach

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Becoming A Pilot Is Within

Trustworthy information about the pilot profession was shared at the event Pilot Career Day Hanoi 2023 hosted by Vietjet Aviation Academy , showing the appeal of today's most desirable job for young people.

The most-wanted job

In order to proactively provide the qualified aviation workforce, satisfying the long-term development plan of Vietjet, on 21st October 2023, Vietjet Aviation Academy (VJAA) organized the Pilot Career Day Hanoi 2023, introducing about From O to FO (First Officer) roadmap & international standardized training environment for youngsters whose dreams of conquering the sky

The event attracted numerous students and their parents to participate in the Vietjet's pilot training journey and opportunities to fly over the sky.

Nguyen Minh Hoang (Hanoi) came to the event after online searching information about the pilot profession but still had many concerns. “I attended Pilot Career Day Hanoi 2023 to learn specifically about the pilot training roadmap, including learning English, aviation theories, flying practices until becoming a First Officer. Then you have to go through some specific courses or professional tests to become a commercial pilot. Therefore, when I heard that Vietjet was organizing Pilot Career Day Hanoi 2023, I registered immediately."

Excited with the information at the event, Phan Thao Nguyen (Hanoi) shared: "I really like the idea of flying in the sky. Even though I'm an office worker, I still want to learn about the pilot profession and want to conquer this job in the near future. I know that there will be certain difficulties and obstacles for a female pilot, but I will be determined to pursue it to the end. I am really impressed and inspired when I see Vietjet's beautiful and talented female captains and co-pilots."

According to Mr Le Doan Quang - Deputy Director of VJAA, after the pandemic, demand for domestic and international travel increased sharply. Vietjet has continuously received and accumulated more aircrafts to develop and expand flight routes. The more aircrafts there are, the greater the need is to recruit pilots. Vietjet has also received prestigious awards for training and working environment, so pilot trainees can feel completely secure when coming to VJAA.

Promising career path

The youngest female captain in Vietjet (up to the present moment) - Mrs Hoang Hanh Nhiwhose more than 5,000 accumulated flight hours, shared: "When entering into the aviation industry, my family and I had to do our own research to register for pilot training courses abroad. The students are now very lucky because VJAA provides them with a clear training path and ensuring future job output. If you are still wondering about your decision to learn to be a pilot, you can register to participate in VJAA's Pilot Pre-course Training Program to experience and accurately evaluate your suitability for the requirements of the job. training and the specific nature of the pilot profession in the future.


Representatives of VJAA's Flight Crew Training Faculty - Mr Tran Quang Anh said that at VJAA, students are not only trained in skills and professional knowledge but also in physical training, soft skills, attitude, and grooming style. From there, pilot trainees can develop themselves more comprehensively and gradually improve their own competencies to meet the specific work requirements of the industry.

CEO of Vietjet - Mr Đinh Viet Phuongaffirming that parents' investment in their children in the aviation industry is a very correct and effective investment. After graduating from high school, through Vietjet's system, young people can immediately apply to flight schools to learn Ab-Initio Pilot Training Program. After only 18-24 months, you can become professional co-pilots. If everything is in order, orderly, disciplined, serious and professional, after about 5 years you can become a captain. “This is a clear roadmap. There are many paths, but aviation is a very attractive path, bringing experiences that no other profession can have," Mr. Phuong said.

In addition, HDBank representatives shared about the financial consulting support package for candidates in need.

Theo Tổng giám đốc Đinh Việt Phương, phi công là nguồn nhân lực đặc biệt của bất kì hãng hàng không nào. Do đó, công việc này cần có sự định hướng và đào tạo một cách chuẩn mực, bài bản nhất. Trong những năm qua, Vietjet là một trong những hãng hàng không phát triển nguồn lực phi công mạnh nhất trong nước. Hãng liên tục đầu tư vào Học viện Hàng không Vietjet, từ đội ngũ giáo viên, trang thiết bị đào tạo, tàu bay, đường bay… Hãng cũng hợp tác với tất cả các trường bay uy tín trên thế giới, được Cục Hàng không Việt Nam phê chuẩn để đào tạo nguồn nhân lực từ các bạn trẻ thanh niên. Trên nền tảng đó, VJAA sẽ tiếp tục phát triển để trở thành trung tâm đào tạo nhân lực hàng không hiện đại nhất ở Việt Nam và trong khu vực.
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Admission contact
📞 Hotline 1: 091-198-4873
📞 Hotline 2: 091-116-2729
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