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The training equipment areas and aircraft maintenance training workshops are the pride of Vietjet Aviation Academy, which provides modern aviation tools and top-notch equipment for trainees to get better acquainted with the real aviation environment; thereby it optimizes the learning and helps trainees become skilled aviation workers in the future.

Flight Training

Vietjet Aviation Academy is equipped the flight training devices that cover the widest range of training tasks for pilots.

  • Airbus Procedures Trainer A320 (APT) - CAE 400XR Series
  • Cockpit Simulator (FFS A320/A321) - CAE 7000XR Series

These devices are manufactured by CAE with all the most modern technologies.

Airbus Procedures Trainer APT A320

The CAE 400XR Series provides trainees with realistic procedural training in a three-dimensional spatial environment.

APT uses multiple touch-sensitive screens to display the virtual cockpit environment in a 1:1 ratio. It is also enhanced with hardware panels such as sidesticks, throttle levers, MCDU, and two touch screens to display active schematics of each separate system.

With these, APT will further strengthen the pilot training experience and increase training credits. This device satisfies fully the need for high-fidelity and cost-effective flight training devices.

An optimized use of training time for:

  • Normal and abnormal procedures
  • Ground operations and in-flight training
  • Kinesthetic memory learning

A320 Full Flight Simulator

The CAE 7000XR Series is the latest level D FFS of CAE which has earned global recognition as the "gold standard" for their high fidelity and reliability. It provides trainees with Zero Flight Time (ZFT) training of civil pilots. Equipped with typical features such as:
  • CAE TROPOS 6000XR Visual system for extreme visual realism
  • MOOG 2nd GEN MOTION systems for quick response, smooth movement and high stability
  • Next- generation instructor office
  • Upset Prevention Recovery Training capability meets all regulatory requirements
  • 04 types of engine configuration for training: CFM 56-5B4, IAE V2527-A5, CFM Leap-1A26, PW1127G-JM. They are effectively swapped out as fleet or training requirements change without needing to replace the entire simulator.
All FFSs are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


  • A320/ A321 Door Trainer and Overwing Exit
  • A330 1L Door Trainer
  • A320/ A321 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer
  • Cabin Fire/ Smoke Trainer
  • A330 Slide Raft
  • Cabin Service Mockup
  • Pool Trainer and Water Survive Equipment

A320/ A321 Door Trainer and Overwing Exit

The A320 Door Trainer is designed and certified specifically to meet the training requirements as defined in all international cabin crew training standards.

The door will feature full functionality comparable with the actual aircraft doors with additional training features, enhances the training to be more realistic and reliable.

A330 1L Door Trainer

The Vietjet A330 door trainer will provide training on the operations of the A330 main door, providing trainees with the necessary capabilities needed to perform their duties on board this aircraft when operating the door internally. 

The door trainer is equipped with all the latest in simulation technology to simulate all types of malfunctions as well as opening in emergency scenarios.


A320/ A321 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer

Close attention will be paid to critical dimensions within the cabin such as distances from attendant stations to door open and close handles, indications and warnings, distances to emergency equipment and simulation of other features that underpin the achievement by the crew of critical training objectives.

In addition, a touch screen console is designed for instructors to control all training functions and scenarios and monitor all the trainees through the CCTV system.

The main features in our Cabin Trainers include:

  • Door and emergency exit operation that helps develop realistic training for cabin crew
  • Emergency evacuation procedures for emergency situations
  • Scenario based training
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) training
  • Oxygen mask drop simulation 
  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Secure cockpit procedures which improves service training
  • Fire and smoke training
  • Cabin communications with various training devices 
  • Aircraft cabin systems

Cabin Fire/ Smoke Trainer

The device provides flight- and cabin crew of transport category aircraft with theoretical knowledge and practical exercises related to fire and smoke training. The training syllabus is based on regulations, procedures and recommendations from FAA, EASA, ICAO, IATA and RAeSo fire and smoke training.

The device also provides trainee performance evaluation and training record keeping. There are sensors within the device to measure the trainee’s performance and provide instructor feedback through the control station. The device has an iPad to control the device remotely, a high-speed extinguisher refilling system, and a large observation cabin.

A330 Slide Raft

A330 dual lane slide assists the trainees to evacuate the aircraft as well as evaluates the competency of crewmembers in case of emergency evacuation situations.


Cabin Service Mockup

Cabin Service Mockup is designed with a cabin of A320 aircraft model, this mockup provides trainees with a real-life experience to the training environment. The cabin mockup facilitates all cabin crew-training activities relating to on-board serving skills

Pool Trainer and Water Survive Equipment

The swimming pool is for ditching and survival skills training in the event of a planned, unplanned or emergency landing in water. Operating procedures dictate the preferred methods of handling such situations including life jacket and life raft use, life raft management and basic survival techniques. 

Technical & Maintenance Aircraft Training

To ensure that the training of the Basic Aircraft Maintenance/A320F Type Rating Training Courses - Level A/B1/B2 with CAAV approved and follow EASA/Airbus standard, Technical & Aircraft Maintenance Training Department enhances to current aviation global standard.

The mechanical maintenance workshop

CFM-56-3C-1 Turbojet Engine & APU Engine are used to perform practical exercises to gain dexterity experience.

A full set of A321 Landing Gears are used to perform intensive exercises which are close to reality in real time maintenance experience.

The Structure Workshop

To perform exercises about basic sheet metal skills


Electrical - Electronics Workshop

The workshop includes state-of-the-art training equipment such as Aircraft Electronics - Electrical simulated systems ( Avionics Trainer Module & Aircraft Electrical System Trainer Module), DMC tool can help trainees meet the requirements of electricity skills: Soldering, identification, repair of electrical cables, electrical connectors gain basic & advanced hand skills.

Hydraulic workshop

Hydraulic test bench, Rynglok tube fitting kit and other equipment to help trainees practice tube fitting skills, hydraulic equipment assembly/disassembly and leak testing skills.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse includes the consumable material, tools and equipment which are using for the training activities and exercises on equipment. The store managing operations are also controlled by the special management software (TSM - Training Store Management software).

ACT Suite

Airbus Competence Training Room has been set up by Airbus to meet EASA requirements, ACT Suite is the most modern in Viet Nam and always up to date as Airbus global policy. The trainees will get benefit latest in modern classroom for A320 Family Type Rating Training for Cat A/B1/B2. Especially, ATC Suite can train Practical Exercises on simulated environment for all ATA Chapter and trainees will be trained only “need to know and hands on 2D practical as well as learning by doing concept".

Ground Operations Personnel Training

Aircraft Door Mockup

The Aircraft Door Mockup is designed specifically to meet the requirements as defined in Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Operations Personnel training standards. 
This mockup provides good understanding and brings real-life experience of Aircraft Door to trainees. It enhances the training to be more realistic and reliable.

Airport Check-in Counter Mockup

The Airport Check-in Counter Mockup is designed specifically to meet the requirements as defined in Ground Operations Personnel training standards. 
This mockup provides good understanding of check in facilities & signages and brings real-life experience as airport check-in counter environment to trainees.

Ground Support Equipment

Disabled Passenger Hi-lift

Aircraft Pushback & Towing Tractor

Conveyor Belt Loader


Telescopic Passenger Stairs

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